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IT 28 CAT Fork Truck  
751 Bobcat  
CAT L220 Long Arm Track Excavator (long reach medium excavator)  
CAT 980G Rubber Tire wheel loader  
CAT Rubber tire Backhoe  
325 Excavator  
CAT Smooth drum roller  
CAT D6 Track Dozer (medium size dozer)  
CAT D8 Dozer (large Dozer)  
Salt Trucks with plows  
Ford F-250 Pick ups with hitches  
Street Sweeper  
Roscoe Boom Truck   
Service Truck w/ 5 ton crane 25 ft oil booms and 50 Oil Pads, 25 ft water booms and 50 water pads  
Above equipment available from Alliance Landfill  
Glen Kempa, Site Manager   570-840-3974  
Dave Siminski  Q/A    
John Hambrose , Community Relations  570-840-5033  
24 Hour number for Alliance Landfill  570-562-1600  Extension 3